The essence of life is adjusting...



I am obsessive about recipes.  I used to have a house full of children and a loyal husband who loved to consume everything I made. 

Things change...  My husband passed away nine years ago, and I’ve watched my six children leave the nest one by one.  So... I express myself by journaling about adjusting my meals up and down as the crowds come and go.   At first, this site was my attempt to have all my recipes in one place for my daughters to find - but now my entire family uses it.

I graduated from Utah State University with a teaching degree in HECE (Home Economics & Consumer Education).   I have taught home economics and yearbook at three high schools in the Salt Lake Valley.  I also teach for the Living After Loss program for the University of Utah. 

I am a Church Service Missionary for the LDS Church - currently serving at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City as a tour guide and host.

New recipes give me a lift and I love to share them.  I think the recipes we love and use define us... I would love to hear from you.  You may contact me at:



My philosophy on cooking for a family:

  1. 1.Keep it simple

  2. 2.Make it memorable

  3. 3.Always make dessert

  4. 4.Write down what works

  5. 5.Share your recipes to gain others you will love.

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