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“There’s nothing to eat around here!”


“How are we supposed to eat all this?”

If you’ve heard both these statements in the same week - you have come to the right place!  This website specializes in offering just enough, but not too much of a good thing.

Here you’ll find plenty of recipes that serve one (or two)

                                                                - as well as a crowd.  

Full House section is for when your family invades.  Empty Nest section is for you if you are dining alone - and hate leftovers!

Check out the archive in each section for lots of past entries. 

I love to get your comments, submissions, photos, and questions.  I hope to add your recipes & photos.  Share with me your trial-and-error accounts of how you adjust to changes at YOUR table by contacting me at:

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Welcome to an ever-changing website...

The only constant thing in life is CHANGE...  especially when cooking for family and friends. 

What’s new today...

Cucumber/Yogurt/Dill Dip
This hard-to-describe dip/sauce/condiment is great all by itself, or even better with fish, grilled meats, and triangles of soft pita or naan bread.  With cucumbers in full swing right now - whip them into this healthy snack and enjoy.  If you don’t particularly love yogurt - you’ll be surprised at how good this is.

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